Mostafiz is the CEO and a Board Member of Amur Aviation.

Mostafiz founded Amur Capital Group in 2008 as a private investment firm focusing on the transportation, industrial and commercial finance sectors.  Since the formation, the group has focused on investments in core assets and companies while empowering entrepreneurs who possess deep asset expertise in target sectors. In late 2012, Mostafiz founded Amur Finance Company and brought together a group of former colleagues with unmatched expertise and extensive industry skills and a group of successful entrepreneurs with whom he had long-standing relationships. Along with these groups, he helped transform Amur Finance Company into the premier global commercial finance firm it is today.

Prior to Amur, Mostafiz was the Head of the Structured Asset Finance Group at UBS where he focused on  transportation, commercial and financial assets and was directly responsible for all structuring, financings, investments, distributions and risk management activities.  Prior to UBS, Mostafiz worked at Wachovia Securities and was responsible for structuring, banking and advisory services for commercial, operating and financial assets.

Mostafiz is the Chairman of Axis Capital, Inc., a small to mid-ticket general equipment finance business, and a Co-Chairman of Amur JMW Aviation, LLC, a commercial aviation lease and finance company.